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Synodality is an expression of the Church’s style. The word “synod” says it all: it means “journeying together”. And the movement is the fruit of docility to the Holy Spirit, who directs this history, in which all have a part to play.
 Pope Francis October 2021

Pope Francis is convinced that there is a collective wisdom which can help the Church fulfil its mission to share God's love with all creation.

He especially wants to give voice to people on the margins of the church and of society.

The term Synod can seem very distant and technical. Yet it comes from words meaning journeying together. In practice, it is how the church reaches collective decisions. Pope Francis urges us to do this with boldnesstalking freely and creatively about what has been, what is and what might be. And with our help it can become a big and ongoing conversation that enables the Church to be a beacon of hope for all.

Synod 21.23
Background Information